Our Approach

Our Approach

2020 & 2021 was a year that event organisers and professionals will never forget…a year that will change our industry forever!

At connexU we are strong believers that the events industry will bounce back stronger than ever and it will be the agile businesses with the clearest strategic vision and that are open to change that will bounce back quicker than their competitors.

connexU have outlined 6 key strategic areas of focus that we believe will help drive change and assist in reimaging your business and exhibition strategy.

1. Digital Brand Extension (DBE)
We don’t want to hear the word virtual again. DBE will help you create multiple touchpoints with your community and expand your brand reach throughout the year through customised digital interactions.

2. Data Monetisation
Be open to exploring new opportunities and ensure that data is embedded in your business strategy. Companies need to understand the true value of their data. A database is not an audience. An audience is not a community.

3. Complementary Technology
Tech will take centre stage and continue to have a huge impact on events. Tech should be simple, integrated and experience enhancing not just to make you look more innovative. Your tech strategy should be focused on increasing NPS & customer satisfaction.

4. New Revenue Opportunities
Whether you are looking to expand the portfolio or launch new events to de-risk your current business. COVID-19 has taught us one thing, it is more than ever key to continuously explore new revenue streams as you never know what’s around the corner.

5. Community Authenticity
A community can see straight through a brand that is trying to ‘sell’ to them. Fostering and engaging with a community in a genuine and credible way takes a special approach by understanding a community and its sub-communities to truly ensure they value your offering…do you really understand the communities you serve?

6. Resurgence of F2F
Understanding the true value and power of F2F. Live events are unmatched in their ability to connect communities, drive commercial growth and power economies. The world is hungry for the return to F2F events

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