Media Owners

Media Owners

The connexU team fully understand the media landscape, including the opportunities that exist and the challenges you face.

For media owners still not looking beyond awards evenings, small niche conferences and round tables, we want to show how larger-scale live events can accelerate your business growth – and with less financial commitment than you realise.

For those already running large events, we want to show you strategies that will expand and build upon what you have in order to accelerate towards your business goals.

Your Community Opportunity
The biggest asset of any media brand is its community. You have established trust and respect in your sector. You have access to an audience and relationships with suppliers.

Let connexU show you how large scale events can bring your market together, build on your existing relationships, add value to your community and significantly boost your profits.

After a year of webinars and virtual conferences, people are craving face-to-face interaction and what better way to kickstart your community than with a live event, delivered by experts and specialists.

Show your industry that you are back…in a big way.

Our Expertise
At connexU we specialise in helping media companies deliver the best possible events, from concept and research through to creation and operational delivery.
Whether a launch or an existing event, whether an exhibition, a conference or an online event, connexU has the expertise and experience to deliver.

Let connexU be your events department.

Event Management Services

Turnkey Event Management

Event Strategy Development

End-to-end Project Mgt

Sales & Marketing

Content Development

Pricing strategy & budgeting

Team structure & rewards

Resource Support

Operations Services

Operations Management

WHS / Risk assessments

Security assessments

Planning & project mgt

Logistics & Scheduling

Contractor Management

Resource Support

Venue Management

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