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With well over 30 years of events experience, connexU can advise on and support all areas, including:

● Research and Development
● Event Strategy Creation
● Financial planning and budgeting
● Sales and Marketing
● Event planning, operations and logistics

We can focus on your whole business, individual events (in-person or online) or individual departments and functions. Use our industry knowledge, partner relationships and expertise to accelerate growth for your business and events.

The foundation of any successful launch. We understand your objectives and provide detailed research, analysis, and reports to give you confidence to move to the next stage.

Launch Strategy
We research your target market then provide a detailed competitor landscape, an assessment of potential success and an event model recommendation. With full transparency. If we do not believe the opportunity to align with your goals, we will tell you so. We understand that we win only when you win.

Online Events
The ‘digital pivot’ and ‘hybrid’ events are a minefield. Let connexU help guide you to fully realise the revenue opportunity created by these new digital platforms.

Improving your profit
Whether it is from new revenue opportunities, restructure, or operational cost savings. Our aim is always to improve your bottom line.

Existing Event Reviews
A fresh pair of eyes can make a big difference. We provide a full review of your event, including potential new revenue streams, ways to increase community engagement and how to attract international attendance to set your event apart.

International Events
Our team has delivered events in six countries, on four continents and are able to advise, plan and deliver existing or new events in different regions.

This is of growing importance and becoming more critical to all event stakeholders. Let us help you map out a strategy and connect you with partners to make your event more sustainable.


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